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Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.


New Life for Women after Violence:
In the Book of Acts, Dorcas was a women of great charity who helped widows and may have even been a widow herself. In those days, widows were often poor and isolated. When Dorcas died, she was so mourned by her beneficiaries that the Apostle Peter came to where her body was laid out for burial and raised her from the dead.

And so it is at the home named for her in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Maison Dorcas,that women recover and find new life after being traumatized by sexual or gender-based violence. Maison Dorcas acts as a transit and safety house for victims of violence and those needing extended medical care. PWRDF supports Maison Dorcas in providing women with essential skills such as literacy, numeracy and small business training. The aim of this training is to empower the women and to ensure that their livelihoods improve and they have the skills they need to re-integrate into their communities and their families.

To read more about this story and other stories, please go to www.pwrdf.org