Counting Ministry


I am privileged to serve as the Co-ordinator of the team responsible for recording and depositing parishioners’ weekly financial contributions so vital to the maintenance of Holy Trinity.  With the addition of a new member this year, our team of counters comprises seven volunteers, each of whom assists the Co-ordinator on a given Monday every month or serves as the “5th Monday” counter or spare, in the event of illness or travel, as required.  As we are handling cash as well as cheques, each member of the team has been vetted by the RCMP and approved by the Rector for service in this financial role.
We observe two important principles:

  1. cash and cheques must be secured, handled, and counted by two of us, at all times;
  2. confidentiality is of the utmost importance regarding parishioners’ contributions.

We strive to be both accurate and efficient as we record parishioners’ vital contributions to the day-to-day needs of our church and the other entities designated on envelopes.  Each week, we prepare and submit reports to the Rector, the parish bookkeeper, and the envelope secretary, who also receives the current envelopes, for further recording.  We enjoy the camaraderie that we experience as we work together.  I believe that I can say on behalf of the team that we all enjoy contributing to Holy Trinity through this ministry.  I am personally grateful for the ongoing dedication of our faithful volunteer counters.
Respectfully submitted,
Donna Shultz