Lenten Lunches



First United Church was the host church for the 2016 Lenten Lunches, which were held each Thursday during Lent. Holy Trinity hosted the lunch on Thursday, March 3rd. Those who came for soup and rolls were from a variety of local churches. The luncheon was very well attended and officially began with a Lenten Service presided by the Rector. Some members of the choir helped with the singing of hymns. lo accompanied the singing on the piano.
The many volunteers from Holy Trinity helped to make the luncheon a success by:
. making soup
. picking up necessities, eg. napkins etc. 
. setting the tables
. buttering buns
. serving the soup
. cleaning up after
. counting the donations
Thank you to all who took the time to help with this most important ministry.  Heartfelt thanks, also, to our  past co-ordinator, Karen Nicholls, whose energy and enthusiasm made this program the success it was.  We raised $303 as our portion of the donations from the Lenten Lunch program – although the program is NOT about fund-raising, the extra donations are always welcome.
Going forward, the Lenten Lunch program is experiencing the need for change.  All churches involved are facing decreased participation, and are finding it difficult to meet the new food handling requirements.  Several churches have opted out of participation in a centralized program. Here at Holy Trinity, we have decided that for 2017, we will hold our own simplified internal Lenten Lunch, in a format yet to be determined.
Respectfully submitted,
Rita Buchy