Books to support and help develop a great variety of aspects of our spiritual life and Christian community may be borrowed from our church library.


The library at Holy Trinity exists to provide parishioners with important resources about Christianity and our Anglican tradition, as well as food for thought, enlightenment and inspiration. The collection has been built up over a number of years, it has been our purpose to further build our library with new books that are relevant to understanding our faith in the 21st Century. Our library remains an excellent resource for everyone, and many of our newer titles are on display as you enter the library area.  Through donation and purchase, we have a varied and interesting selection of books that will enhance your understanding of our faith, and in 2017 our library grew further with new books on a variety of topics.

This past year, the responsibility for the library has been passed from Robin Inglis, who managed our resources very well for many years, to myself. I look forward to enhancing our library and expanding the resources available for everyone’s learning and enrichment.

Respectfully submitted,
Lenore Richards