Books to support and help develop a great variety of aspects of our spiritual life and Christian community may be borrowed from our church library.


The library at Holy Trinity exists to provide parishioners with important information about Christianity and our Anglican tradition, and food for thought, enlightenment and inspiration Built up over a number years, it has a number of strong sections on the Bible, biography, theology and practical guidance. It has been our purpose in recent years to add new books that are relevant to an understanding of the faith and its value and interpretation in the modern world, and to weed out older, out-of-date titles that appear to have little to offer the 21st century parishioner. The library is not all that widely used in terms of numbers, but it remains an important ministry to the parish family, whether for the browser waiting for a meeting or for those who want to ‘go deeper’ - intrigued by a sermon or a conversation with a friend perhaps - by borrowing and reading the works of some fine and experienced authors. 

We have benefitted, as in 2015, from the kind donation of books by Paul Richards and we are the beneficiaries of his eclectic interests and continuing studies. All in all, through donation or purchase, over 30 titles have been added to the collection. These ranged from Bart Ehrman’s ‘The New Testament: An Introduction to Early Historical Writings’, to Richard Burridge’s ‘What are the Gospels’ and David Berlinski’s ‘The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions.’ A number of the added titles have dealt with interpreting the evangelical tradition within Anglicanism, and the section on Anglicanism as a whole now boasts a number of books that can really help in our understanding of the various strands of that tradition as a worldwide entity. Mark Chapman’s ‘Anglicanism: A Very Short Introduction’ is a concise and masterly overview. Books by well-known authors such as C.S. Lewis, Karen Armstrong and Archbishops Michael Ramsey and Rowan Williams are well worth exploring.
Our little parish library is maintained with thought and care and is worth an investment of your time. You are encouraged to ‘drop in’ and make it a part of your church life at Holy Trinity. 
Respectfully submitted
Robin Inglis