Social Media


We are very fortunate to have the very dedicated and talented Elinor Gavin to manage and care for our website each week.  Elinor volunteers her time and expertise to the church and we are so very grateful to her for the service that she so freely provides to our parish.  Holy Trinity’s web page is a valuable source for information about our parish, its history, and staff.  You can find out about current and upcoming events, browse through the photo gallery and listen to live podcasts of our Rector’s inspiring sermons!  Elinor even has a downloadable file of our current Annual report, as well as Pre-Authorized Donation forms. Please make a point of visiting our website often at

Our web presence makes a huge difference to many of our sick and shut-in parishioners who cannot make it into church, but want to continue to keep up-to-date on our church community, events and sermons. 

Respectfully submitted,
Jann Callaghan Cullen