Diocese of New Westmister
Anglican Church of Canada


Gardening Club

Please come and join us, and spend a few hours gardening, then have a cup of coffee and socialize afterwards! Our Gardening Ministry volunteers meet every Tuesday morning during the spring and summer months.

2018 Gardens and Grounds Report

In 2018, a core group of volunteers – Frieda Moloney, Audrey Mistiades, Barb Cederlund, Ruth Dean, Carol De Boeck, Herb Smart and Robin Inglis, helped from time to time by a number of other parishioners – benefitted greatly from the substantial efforts made in 2016 and 2017 to get the grounds into good shape. Our aim has been to create a scenario whereby, going forward, the grounds could be relatively easy to maintain. It is necessary to get a jump on the gardens right away in early spring and then work away regularly over the months from April to October. This we were able to do. The long, hot summer – as in 2017 – had an impact, but thanks to our sprinkler system and a regular watering program, the garden beds and lawns looked as good as could reasonably have been expected.

Neighbours passing by are almost invariably complimentary and appreciative of the efforts made to keep the grounds colourful and respectable.

Respectfully submitted,
Robin Inglis