Parish Photos - 2015

The Labyrinth - October 11 - 18 2015

The Labyrinth

The labyrinth, created by Peter Johnson and our young people, was available for prayerful meditation in the Griffiths Hall from Sunday 11th October (Thanksgiving) to Sunday 18th October, and open for walking before or after worship. 

On Tuesday 13th October at 7:30 p.m. there was a talk on the history and theology of the labyrinth and a special conducted devotion with music and scripture reading.  Special thanks to Janet Scott who added her own aesthetic touches to the hall to enhance the experience.

Thanksgiving Sunday - October 11 2015


At Holy Trinity, we have a splendid tradition connected with this special festival.  We express our gratitude to God in a very tangible and practical way with a collection of non-perishable food to be donated to Sources Food Bank. This year our Thanksgiving Food Bank collection exceeded all expectations!  We donated a record breaking 14 HUGE boxes of non perishible goods.  Sources was delighted for giving them a wonderful head start filling up their Christmas cupboards!

Neil presents the children's talk.



Many in the congregation brought up donations.

Neil offers a prayer in recognition of all the donations brought forward.

All the donations around the alter.

Finishing the parable about doing your best.

The young people of the parish were intercessors and readers.

The Peace.



The Eucharistic Prayer.


June 2015

The Reverend Paul Richards ordination as a Deacon
Sunday, 28th June at St., Mary’s Kerrisdale





It is wonderful to have another pastoral care minister in the church – he’s already in full sail visiting the sick and shut-ins – much, much appreciated.

May 2015

Suzyn Regan, our parish secretary,
being baptized by by the Rector at HT on Sunday, May3rd


April 2015

The confirmation of Brydon Wade by Bishop Michael Ingham
on Sunday, 26th April at St. John's Shaughnessy

February 2015

February 14th - Griffiths Hall became a "Palace of Love"
for the Valentine's Dinner!

A huge thank you goes out to Nanci and Wright Penn, and Christine and John Yori for a wonderful, magical evening at the Sweetheart Dinner.  Griffiths Hall was transformed into a fairytale ambience of romantic lighting and décor, with solicitous food and wine service, delicious gourmet food, and entertaining activities.

The evening raised $1128 in funds for the J2A group, but more than that, it was an unbelievable evening – everyone who attended simply raved about the experience ……“ absolutely perfect - an incredible gift of love from their family to our church.”


January 2015

January - The Sunday school helping the Rector
understanding Monster High Dolls!


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