July 16th Announcements


THE AUMBRY CANDLE burns this week to the Glory of God, given by Audrey Mistiades, in loving memory of her brother-in-law, Joe McNicholls.

DIOCESAN PRAYER:  St. Mary Magdalene, Vancouver - The Reverend John Marsh; The Deanery of Kingsway, The Reverend Heidi Brear, Regional Dean.


It is wonderful to have the Reverend Sue Foley-Currie as our presiding celebrant and preacher today. 


Rector’s Vacation

The Rector is on vacation visiting family and friends in the U.K.  He will be back in time for next Sunday 23rd July.

Morning Prayer

During the Rector’s absence, our deacon, The Rev. Paul Richards, will be taking the office of Morning Prayer on Thursday mornings.

Summer Office Hours

The office will be open Tues., Weds. and Thurs., from 9 – 1

The answering machine is on 24/7 and messages will be checked often.  Important messages will be returned as soon as possible; all others will be responded to the next business day.  Thank you.

Caretaker Vacation

Joan, our Caretaker, is away on holidays from July 17th to July 28th.  Please pitch in and pick up after yourselves while she’s gone, to help us keep our church and building clean and tidy.  Thanks so much.