May 14th Announcements

FLOWERS AT THE ALTAR are given this week, to the Glory of God, by Leah Munro, in loving memory of Ken.  Flowers are also given this week to the Glory of God, by June Martin, in loving memory of her Loved Ones.

THE AUMBRY CANDLE burns this week, to the Glory of God, given by Leah Munro, in loving memory of Ken.  The Aumbry Candle also burns this week, to the Glory of God, given by Audrey Mistiades, for Mothers day, in memory of her Mum and Muriel.


 ~ This Week in the Parish ~

2:00 p.m................................................... Mid-day prayers at Weatherby Pavilion

Tuesday, May 16th
7:00 p.m............................................................... Parish Council Meeting

Thursday, May 18th
10:30 a.m................................................................... Morning Prayer


Diocesan Synod

Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as representatives of each parish in our diocese gather to take counsel on Friday, 26th and Saturday 27th May.  Our parish delegates are Richard Keats, Karen Peplow, Veronica Wright and Molly White.  We look forward to hearing from them on Sunday 28th May, when their report will take the place of the sermon.

Trinity Sunday, June 11th
Plan to attend this very special occasion, as we welcome Bishop Melissa Skelton as our preacher and presider, to help us celebrate Holy Trinity’s Feast of Title.  There will be one combined service only on this day, when we will meet as one congregation at 9:30 a.m.

Wishing a special Happy Mothers Day to all our mothers, and to those who have been like a mother to us!

Garage Sale Plus
is coming, Saturday, June 3

We need your donations of quality garage sale items, clean and in good working condition.
 (No large items, broken items or furniture, please!)

Please bring your items in to the office after May 21st.


- Home Décor - Jewellery   - Accessories
- Quality clothing - Purses  - Scarves
- Books - Crystal   - Silver 
-Kitchen items  - Tools - Plants
- Collector’s Items - Bric-a-brac  - Gift items
- Sports items - Art  -Whatever!



Please bring in your Buy-Low receipts!  We collect them and Buy-Low generously redeems them for Gift Certificates that we give to the needy.  The collection container is on the A.C.W. table.


Mark Your Calendars!
  Trinity Sunday
 June 11th

We meet as one congregation at 9:30 a.m. to welcome Bishop Melissa Skelton as our preacher and presider.  We are delighted that she is able to be here to help us celebrate our Feast of Title


Help Us Raise The Roof!

Our old building needs new roofing, and we need everyone’s help to make it happen.  To kick start the fundraising, our Rector, the noted theologian and award-winning preacher, is planning to set a record for the world’s longest sermon(Well, maybe not quite that long – the current record is for 53 hrs and 18 minutes!)

Neil will be preaching on Saturday, May 20th from 2:00 p.m. to 5:20 p.m.  – a total of 200 minutes.  Your part is to attend church during that time to support and encourage him with water and throat lozenges!  Feel free to come and go as you wish. 

Please sponsor our Rector - the rate is $10 per minute –  so you can choose the length of time suitable to your personal financial situation, or, if you prefer, you can make a flat donation.  All money will go directly to the ‘Raise the Roof’ fund, and all donations are eligible for an income tax receipt.

Keep those pledges rolling in!  We’ve now reached over $7,800 – keep an eye on the ‘progress board’ in the library.  Please give your cash or cheque directly to the Rector so he can keep track.  Cheques should be made payable to “Church of the Holy Trinity” with “Building” in the memo line!