Dear members of Holy Trinity,

As you know last Sunday’s service was canceled as Terri and I were exposed to Covid and are both symptomatic, although not yet tested. After consulting with your Parish Council and taking into account the vulnerability of our congregation, it has been decided to cancel services for the next three Sundays – 1/23, 1/30, and 2/6.

There seems to be a consensus among those in authority, namely Dr. Bonnie Henry, PHO, that the Omicron peak will likely come within the next few weeks. Hopefully, we will be able to resume services on February 13th and proceed with the annual Vestry Meeting on February 27th.

While both Terri and I were exposed and have exhibited symptoms, this occurred after church on January 9th so none of you are at risk from us. We are scheduled for a Covid test on Thursday, January 20th at Fraser Health and have been in isolation. I will report the outcomes of our tests once they are available.

I am available, as always, for pastoral phone calls and urge you to take advantage of this, as needed: 236-412-3519

I am also exploring whether we might be able to stream a Morning Prayer service on the weekend, which would include a sermon. Alternatively, I may transcribe a sermon and send it out as an email attachment.

Please hold us in your prayers and, as always, with God’s help we will all get through this together. May God Bless and keep you well until next we meet.

Fr. Wes+