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Article written by Sean Latimer ; photos by Cliff Caprani

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Stream Team moves ahead

Last year Parish Council approved an Outreach project to create sustainable streaming of worship services each week, in order to offer this for our parishioners at home, as well as to be visible to a wider community. Patrick Finch had almost single-handedly provided online worship recording and streaming since May 2020. This mode was unsustainable as Patrick was the only skilled person and needed breaks and vacation time.  Therefore, online worship was halted whenever Patrick was away. 

There was a longer disruption to this streaming soon after Fr Wes joined our Parish and the loss was felt by those at home locally and further afield. Parish Council engaged Tracer Lee, who had installed the system at St Marks, to install a system that was simple enough to be operated by a number of parishioners to form a Stream Team, thereby ensuring continuous uninterrupted streaming once it could be re-commenced.

In November this equipment was installed, and training began in December for Henry Lazar, Simon Johnston, Frances Fagan and me. This training was suspended due to a busy Advent and Christmas at Tracer’s church as well as ours. Training resumed in February with John Davison, Richard Hampton-Thorpe joining the team followed by Patrick Finch attending training more recently still. 

Unfortunately, Simon and John have had to step away for personal reasons, yet our first successful streaming was completed on Ash Wednesday by Frances and now Lent I by Richard, with a funeral service last Saturday by Patrick. Patrick will offer specialized and customized streaming for orders of service other than regular Mass.

Basic training by Tracer is continuing and the task ahead is to deliver a number of successful streaming services for the current trainees to become comfortable and seasoned. We also plan to create a monthly roster of team members who will cover worship services.


Finally, I request for anyone who would find joining this team engaging, would be prepared to be on a roster to share the load, and would enjoy training in streaming technology, to contact Bonnie Gosselin Holytrinitywhiterock@telus.net , our Office Administrator with your name and contact details. I will respond to a list of interested volunteers to schedule an upcoming training.

Sean Latimer

Stream Team co-ordinator