News, after a long hiatus

We are hoping to make a go of the delayed in-person 2021 celebration of our Centennial. Plans are underway to hold a celebration on Trinity Sunday (June 12, 2022). It will be a year late as with many plans affected by Covid.

There will be a display celebrating our history in the Griffiths Hall on June 12. Beginning the first week of April we will be asking members of the congregation to share their memories of Holy Trinity – what stands out for you from all of the years we have been at the corner of Roper and Foster streets?

Plans are also underway to produce a Centennial booklet, building on the work Peter Johnson’s committee produced for our Jubilee celebration in 2004. The history up to that time will be supplemented, compete with photos, to bring us up to our 2020-2021 year. We will be asking for your help in highlighting the more recent history so if you see me approaching you, pen in hand, be ready! Or, if you wish to email me please do so: cdeboeck@telus.net

Carol De Boeck!

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