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Flower Delivery Group

The flowers for the altar are taken after the service each Sunday to the sick and shut-ins. This is a wonderful symbol of the fact that they are still an important part of our eucharistic community.

2018 Flower Delivery Group Report

After the 10:00 service each Sunday, the altar flowers are taken down and divided into separate bouquets. These bouquets are delivered by volunteers to parishioners who cannot attend the service due to illness or infirmity.

At the present time there are 9 individuals or couples on a roster of volunteers to deliver the bouquets on a regular basis. There are 13 parishioners on the recipient list who receive a bouquet every 6 weeks or so.

This mission is much appreciated by those who receive the flowers; they not only enjoy the flowers, but also the visit and the personal contact with the parish. It is also a rewarding experience for the volunteer who delivers.

We thank all the team members for their support in this mission and appreciate their patience and cooperation. If you would like to be part of this very worthwhile ministry, please contact the coordinators, Jennifer and Alan.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer and Alan Whike