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Prayer Shawl Plus Knitters

2018 Prayer Shawl Plus Report

Our small but mighty group of knitters and crocheters have been busy all year. We continue to meet in the Church Library on the 2nd Monday of each month at 10 am.

It was decided to embrace the “Plus” side of our title and some of the ladies have produced other knitted crafts for Holy Trinity’s outreach program. One such project has been knitting Jumper/Vests for the “Fish and Chip” babies of Africa. Babies born in some of the poorest areas of Africa are wrapped in newspaper to keep them warm, hence the name “Fish and Chip Babies”. Other projects have been crib blankets and items for the craft table at the Christmas Bazaar.

The Prayer Shawl is still the main focus of our efforts and this year we have made 82 shawls. After being Blessed these have been distributed around the area to such places as Richmond Hospital, 10 went to Evergreen Extended Care to be distributed with their welcome package, and White Rock Senior Village took 60 to be distributed among their many facilities including Atira House.

I would like to thank Ruth Dean for all her support as my co worker; its a privilege to be part of such a loving and caring group.

Respectively submitted
Lynne Francis