Sponsorship Family


Under the sure hand and leadership of the late Peter Johnson, the Sponsorship Committee worked to ensure that the Rammo family of Syria found safe haven in Canada.
On May 5, 2018 the family-of-five arrived at the Vancouver airport. They were greeted by a small number of parishioners: Deacon Paul Richards, People’s Warden Fran Fagan, Bishop’s Warden.

Simon Johnston, Carol de Boeck, Susan Lazar, and Sheila Johnston. The Rammos had left the United Nations refugee camp in Erbil, Iraq 48 hours before they touched down at YVR. Despite their long trip, all members of the family wore smiles when they arrived. Kawa Rammo and his wife Randa Mohammad and their three children Ashna, Askiyar and Askivan expressed sincere gratitude to the generous members of Holy Trinity, and they thanked the Church of Holy Trinity for all they had done for them.

After a 10-daystay in a small motel in Burnaby, the family moved into their two-bedroom apartment in Queensborough, New Westminster, on May 12.

Since that date they have been busy settling into their new community. Randa is a full-time homemaker, and she is currently taking English lessons. Kawa has a good command of English. He found work in the construction sector shortly after arriving in Canada. He enjoys his work and advises that it takes him to communities all over the lower mainland. He works 5, and sometimes 6 days a week. Daughter Ashna attends an elementary school that is just around the corner from home. Her parents advise that she is “making friends”. Askiyar and his brother Askivan accompany their Mum each day when Randa walks Ashna to and from school.

The family has Compass Cards and they travel around the lower mainland for appointments – such as the Public Health Unit for Askivan’s vaccinations, or visits to their family doctor, or the Surrey Red Cross where Kawa donates blood – as well as for events such as the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Vancouver.

On two occasions the Rammo family came to visit us at Holy Trinity – once on a Sunday in September, and again on the afternoon of the December Christmas Fair.

The household items collected from parishioners perfectly furnished the family’s home. Thank you for those donations. The funds collected from parishioners will see the family through the first 12 months in Canada. Thank you for those contributions. Before April 2019 the family will meet with Deacon Paul to discuss finances, and their future, as the Rammo family will become independent of the Parish in May of this year.

Respectfully submitted,
Sheila M. F. Johnston