Stained Glass Windows

Holy Trinity is blessed with beautiful stained glass windows – twelve in all, that brighten the interior of the church with their rich colors and vivid scenes.

All but two of the windows were given in memory of loved ones. Some of the following information about the windows was obtained from Holy Trinity annual reports. The majority came from parishioners familiar with the families of those remembered and with their involvement in Holy Trinity.

Above: The Emmaus Window

The Tingle Window in the south sanctuary (to the right of the altar) depicts Jesus with Martha and Mary. The inscription reads MARY SAT AT JESUS FEET AND HEARD HIS WORD. Bishop Godfrey Gower dedicated this window on November 12, 1961, It was given by four members of the Tingle family in loving memory of brothers S/L Cyril Nisbett Tingle: F/L Aubrey Tingle: and cousin P/O Leicester James Tingle – all killed in active service with the Royal Canadian Air. Force and brother Cyril N Tingle (d. 1959) and his wife Beryl B. Tingle (d.1956). Their son Robert Tingle is a parishioner at Holy Trinity. His wife – Mrs. Emily Tingle, died in 1990 after many years of service to Holy Trinity. It was recorded that she was presented with a silver tray from the Church School in 1969 on her retirement after 13 years as Superintendent. She was also active with the W.A.

The South Cloister has two richly colored windows – one depicting Jesus holding a chalice and saying THIS DO IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME. This window was given in 1993 by the Ott family in memory of Lois Elizabeth Ott. Mrs. Ott attended the Sunday 8 am and Thursday services primarily. It is recorded that she was on the committee that selected the present Rectory. Her husband, Dr. Reverend Gordon Ott, who died in 1981, was a long time member of the parish.

The second cloister window portrays Jesus surrounded by sheep and holding a lamb, saying I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD The window was given in memory of Claire lrene Scarth (d. 1987) and Will Blakeman Scarth (d. 1985). William Scarth – a lawyer, was the Peoples Warden from 1971 (or earlier) to 1974. He also filled in on the organ when needed.

The south wall of the church has four stained glass windows, In the first window Mary is seated, holding the baby Jesus, with Joseph standing behind them holding a lantern. It says FOR UNTO YOU A CHILD IS BORN, and was donated by Lillian F, Clarke, a very active member of the church. Mrs. Clarke was President of the Altar Guild from 1972 to 1980 and with the Guild until her death in l986. She also served on the Parish Council.

In the second window Jesus is shown with a group of children, saying LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME UNTO ME. It was given by Vivien Ellis in memory of her husband E. Earl Ellis, in 1984. The Ellis’s formerly owned the Peter Pan Ballroom, located on West Broadway in Vancouver, before retiring to their cottage at Maple and Marine Drive in White Rock.

The third window depicts the prodigal son returning to his father, with the words HIS FATHER SAW HIM AND HAD COMPASSION. It was given in 1967 by Gertrude Northeast in memory of her husband Arthur Northeast. Arthur is remembered as one of the volunteers who cleaned stucco off the cement blocks used in the construction of the present church in 1952. The used blocks came from a demolished building on a golf course. Mrs. Northeast was active in the ACW until her 99th year, was honored at a tea on her 100th birthday and died at the age of 103. Her daughter Florence Crowther is a parishioner and attends the Thursday morning service.

The fourth window portrays Saint Augustine Of Canterbury. It was given by Eugene and Flora Wadey in 1986 in memory of their infant son Miles. They attended Holy Trinity for a year, then went back to Montreal, where their families were located.

The North wall of the church has three lovely windows. The first is very contemporary with a tropical scene showing pink hibiscus and bright red anthurium flowers, a seagull and the water, saying Peace Be With You.

It was given in 1987 by son Gordon Ellis and family of Richmond, in memory of Vivien Ellis. Vivien loved to travel, especially to Hawaii, so the flowers of Hawaii were used when glass artists Patricia Sephton of the parish and her associate Pat Hilton were commissioned to design and fabricate the window.

It was given in 1987 by son Gordon Ellis and family of Richmond, in memory of Vivien Ellis. Vivien loved to travel, especially to Hawaii, so the flowers of Hawaii were used when glass artists Patricia Sephton of the parish and her associate Pat Hilton were commissioned to design and fabricate the window.

The second window on the north wall again depicts Jesus with sheep and lambs, saying, “I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD.” It was given in 1968 in memory of Joseph Henry Jacobs, by his wife Rose. The Jacobs came to Canada from the U.K. and farmed in Saskatchewan and Chilliwack, before moving to White Rock in 1960. Rose was active in the WA. until her death in 1978.

The third window is also very contemporary, depicting a mountain scene, with a lovely waterfall and pool, stating I will Lift Up Mine eyes unto the Hills. It was given by the Sephton family in 1987 in memory of mother Alice M. Sephton, brother Michael J. Sephton, with a lower plaque in memory of father Thomas Hiram Sephton (1904-1988). The window was dedicated by Archbishop Douglas Hambidge on September 20, 1988. Peter Sephton and his father personally selected the verse, then Patricia Sephton and her associate Pat Hilton designed and fabricated the window.

The west wall is dominated by the large Ascension Window, a glorious sunburst of rays of light emanating from a figure of Jesus The inscription says, “GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS, BAPTIZING THEM IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. AND REMEMBER, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS TO THE END OF THE AGE. MATTHEW 28:19,20.” The window was given by the Bates and Ortner families It was blessed and dedicated on March 27,1993 by Bishop Michael Ingham. The lower left panel of the window states that it is in loving memory of Harry W.D. Bates and sister Nell, and brothers Ronald, Joseph and Billy.

The lower right panel states that it is in loving memory of Cecil and Hetty Ortner and daughters Alice and Geraldine. Harry Bates was Head Sidesman for years and is remembered as being very helpful and handy with tools around the church. Jean Bates continues to be a member of the church, having been Senior Sidesperson, and with the ACW and Altar Guild. Hetty Ortner was active in the church before her death in 1971. Daughter Alice Ortner continued this tradition, as VP of the evening ACW, active with the Altar Guild and secretary of the Ways & Means Committee until her death in 1993.

Entrance Doors:

Above the double doors at the entrance to the church are three panes of white glass, with the edges stenciled in black and green patterns. It is thought that they were brought from the original Holy Trinity Church on Victoria Avenue.